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Marlor Tooling - Specialist Tool Services

Specialist Tools…for when a standard tool just won’t cut it!

Specialist tools replace the use of standard tools for complex work and help you to:

marlor-tick Improve the quality of your machining results
marlor-tick Reduce processing time
marlor-tick Increase the life of tools when processing advanced materials

Find out how specialist tools can help you

We'll be very happy to discuss your specific specialist tool requirements and work with you to forecast all the potential benefits to your business - please contact us to arrange for a free consultation.

Our specialist tools service

We manufacture new tools and specials from carbide and HSS materials to your specific requirements.

We are continually investing in the latest equipment, software and expertise to ensure you are provided with the best possible quality and the quickest possible delivery.

marlor-tick Special tools manufactured from carbide and HSS materials
marlor-tick Standard tools modified
marlor-tick EDM drilling of through-coolant holes
marlor-tick Latest technology CNC equipment and software for manufacturing and inspection
marlor-tick Super fast delivery – typically 2 weeks or less
marlor-tick Full range of PVD coatings available