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Tool Regrinding Services

Regrinding tools is a highly effective process that offers many advantages. Do you need to:

marlor-tick Reduce your overall spend on tools - in some cases by over 50%?
marlor-tick Increase the life of your tools?
marlor-tick Improve your carbon footprint?

Reduce spend on tools

Even a single regrind can save over 35% of your tool costs and the table below shows how this cost can reduce the more times you are able to regrind tools:

tool regrinding cost savings

Increase tool life

As well as saving money on new tooling, regrinding/recoating can increase the life of your tools which in turn saves tool changes and machining time.

Reduce carbon footprint

The carbon footprint of producing a high quality tool can be massive and yet the cost of regrinding, in terms of carbon, is usually only a tiny fraction of that cost.

So, tool regrinding provides an excellent way to help you meet carbon reduction targets as well as saving you money.

Find out how much you can save

We'll be very happy to discuss your specific tool regrinding requirements and work with you to forecast all the potential benefits to your business - please contact us to arrange for a free consultation.

More about tool regrinding

marlor-tick Regrinding is cost effective
marlor-tick Environmentally friendly
marlor-tick ALL manufacturers’ tools can be reground
marlor-tick Marlor Tooling uses the latest technology CNC equipment and software for regrinding and inspection
marlor-tick Super Fast delivery – typically 1 week or less
marlor-tick Specialist Delivery/Collection service available