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Intelligent Tooling

Intelligent Tooling

Precision, efficiency and performance are central to all of our work which is carried out with a keen awareness of environmental impact and financial efficiency.

Intelligent tooling is the key part of our business. We focus on elegant solutions which improve both quality and efficiency.

Marlor tools are designed and developed collaboratively with our clients in order to achieve ensure that customer objectives are met with maximum efficacy.

Our intelligent tooling service

Extending Tool Life

Intelligent tooling is a methodology that not only applies to new products, but to those which have completed their initial lifecycle.

Designing out obsolescence is crucial, our intelligent tooling approach can often allow a tool at the end of its life to be remanufactured for another application, maximising value, reducing waste and extending life.

“We’re here for our customers when a standard tool just won’t cut it.” Kevin Taylor, Managing Director


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