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Tool Manufacture

Tool Manufacture

Whether one-off bespoke specials or volume batch manufacture, every Marlor tool is developed and produced to the same exacting standards by expert engineers.

We have the technology and expertise to design and manufacture the highest quality tools which are designed to overcome the challenges of constant material development, capacity constraints, working tolerances and financial pressures.

Through continual innovation and by maintaining in-depth industry knowledge, we are able to drive quality and value concurrently in our cutting tool development.

Our tool manufacture service

Quality & efficiency

Cutting edge equipment, the highest service standards and industry-specific expertise are the cornerstones of our offer.

We are able to ensure that our clients are provided with tooling of unparalleled quality, supplied with the most efficient service at an achievable price point.

Bespoke tooling is typically delivered within 10 days.
“We focus on quality, regardless of volume. We don’t advertise and we don’t do exhibitions. Instead we invest heavily in the latest technology available. ” Martyn Cross, Works Director


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